Full House Deep Cleaning

Easy way to clean your house fast | Allfix Home

Cleaning your house doesn’t need to be a full-day activity. There are ways to speed it up. Here’s how to clean your house fast so that you can get back to the activities you love. We’ve put together 15 hacks for cleaning plans as per your activity. Time to change your cleaning routine for life!
Washing Machine

How to Clean Your Top-Load Washing Machine at Home | Allfix Home

A Top Loading Washing machines make our lives a lot easier and better because they do all the heavy work in keeping our clothes clean and fresh. However, they also cost a lot of money. And despite how tough and A top load washing machines might look, even they have some weak points. Keeping the washing machine well-maintained helps them run properly and efficiently for years to come and saves us from unnecessary repair costs.
RO & Water Purifier

Instant RO (Water Purifier) Repair & Service At your door step | AllfixHome

The reverse osmosis (RO) system uses a multi-stage filtration process to remove different types of contaminants from water. The water purification system uses a thin membrane to remove salt, chemicals, and impurities from water to make it safe for consumption. The contaminated water passes through this thin membrane (a polymer film) with very small-sized pores. The membrane weeds out minerals and micro-organisms present in water. An outlet pipe flushes out the impurities. However, to ensure that you get clean and safe drinking water, you need to properly maintain the water purifier. Without proper maintenance and care, the water purifier will not function properly and you may end up drinking contaminated water.

How to use microwave oven safely | Allfix Home

While using the microwave involves safety precautions, there are a few things that you can do to help ensure your own safety. The first is to check the oven door latch before opening it. If you have time and know that your appliance is not active, open the door while holding the handle above your head and keep tabs on it until at least one side of it moves freely when pushed or pulled in either direction. Next, check for any possible leakage around the edges or vents and in cracks near where they enter your kitchen floor or ceiling. Even if it does leak, this isn't a big deal as long as water doesn't get onto an electrical connection to anything else in the room and cause something to short circuit.

Keep Your Cool: Comprehensive AC Services with Allfix Home

When it comes to maintaining a comfortable living or working environment, a well-functioning air conditioner is indispensable. Whether you're dealing with a malfunctioning unit, planning a new installation, or considering uninstallation, Allfix Home is your go-to solution for all things air conditioning. In this blog post, we'll explore the range of services offered by Allfix Home, ensuring your AC needs are met with professionalism and expertise.