Get salon at home in Satara, India

Salon at Home Services


Don't go outside for self-care during this pandemic we're here to give you with online salon services at home for men and women in the privacy of your own house. Booking your service is as simple as clicking a button. Make a reservation right now to ensure your comfort. Allfix Home provides Online salon services at home for men and women. We offer Beauty Services, Body & Hair Spa, Waxing, Massage, Facial & Manicure Services at Your Doorsteps, Salon in your own home Salon Service At Home.

About Salon at Home

Do you ever think that you don’t have to go salon and wait for your turn and Do you want beauticians to come to your place and serve you and give a feel like a salon?

Then Don’t worry, many service providers here serve all beauty services at your place, your convenience.


Are you a working woman and you do not have “Me Time” to pamper yourself? If you think about the year 2010 no service provider serves beauty service at home. But nowadays many players work in that field.