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A plumber gives your house or commercial building an appropriate disposal of wastewater, and solutions including water drainage line and sewage upgrades and repairs, as well as the installation of bathroom accessories, dishwashing, toilet and valve repairs, and other plumbing services. Allfix Home is the best option to search Online plumbers near you in Pune, we are providing all types of plumbing accessories repair & installation.

About Plumber

About Plumber Services

Plumbing services refer to the various services related to the installation, repair, and maintenance of plumbing systems in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. Plumbing systems are responsible for the distribution of clean water and the removal of wastewater, and they can be complex and require specialized knowledge and tools to install and repair.
Some common plumbing services include:
    1. Installation of new plumbing systems: This involves installing new pipes, fixtures, and fittings to provide a building with clean water and remove waste.
    2. Repair of plumbing systems: This involves fixing leaks, clogs, and other issues in existing plumbing systems.
    3. Drain cleaning: This involves removing clogs and blockages from drains, toilets, and sewer lines.
    4. Sewer line repair and replacement: This involves repairing or replacing damaged or clogged sewer lines, which are responsible for removing waste from a building.
    5. Emergency plumbing services: This involves providing 24/7 emergency repair services for urgent plumbing issues such as burst pipes, overflowing toilets, and sewage backups.
It's important to hire a trained and experienced plumber for any plumbing services to ensure that the work is done safely and effectively for that Allfix Home provides Top plumber services near you at your door step we have trained & experience team for plumbing services

Inclusions & Exclusions


  1. Rate includes visit charges only. 
  2. The charges mentioned are for Inspection only, Final quotation will be shared after Inspection.
  3. The scope of work will be determined after inspection by our plumber at your premises.
  4. Any parts that require replacement will be extra.
  5. Any other installation, uninstallation, or repair of any other fixtures related to Taps, Wash Basins, and Sinks.
  6. Any other Blocks/Leakage related works (except drainage & sewage)
  7. Any other installation, uninstallation, or repair of any fixtures related to Toilet & Sanitary Work
  8. Any other installation, uninstallation, or repair of any other fixtures related to Bathroom Fittings
  9. Detailed Inspection of the relevant fixtures in the household
  10. Approx quotation of material and labor charges based on issues identified.
  11. This price is only one unit than another unit repair to the requirement than price is extra.
  12. The minimum charge will be 149 or after inspection, whichever is higher.


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  1. 100% satisfaction guaranteed or free re-work
  2. Trained and Certified Plumbers
  3. Background verified staff
  4. Guaranteed quality of service
  5. Service Deliver on time



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