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As you all know life is rapidly changing due to the COVID-19 infection. It is necessary now to maintain social distancing, get places sanitized including your residential and office places to remain safe, and cut the risk of getting infected. So, it is important to keep our home, office, and commercial spaces clean and germ/virus-free. Although this seems to be a simple thing, it leads to a very dangerous situation if we take it as non-serious. Professionals will definitely make your premises 100% virus-free. Allfix Home provides sanitization services at residential, commercial places with the aim to help Corona warriors fight against all the novel diseases. Do you want to protect your home, office spaces from dangerous viruses like Covid 19? Don’t worry! We protect your premises with our sanitization services. Just contact us. 100% effective services guaranteed!

We are doing our part by offering sanitization services in all big and small offices, factories, workshops, schools, institutes, colleges, hotels, restaurants and other places to help fight against this pandemic. And also, we do use certified hospital-grade chemicals and have lined up trained professionals to carry out our specialized sanitization services.

About Sanitization

Do’s & Dont’s


  1. Do’s - People sensitive to pesticides must keep away during treatment, Keep food items in the refrigerator or sealed containers.
  2. Dont’s - Do not Clean the treated surface before it is dried




  1. Equipment & Gear: Our trained technicians are equipped with proper PPE (Personal protective equipment) such as chemical masks, goggles and gloves.
  2. Aerial disinfestation will be carried out with a solution as well. If a home has ACs it's recommended they remain off prior to the treatment.
  3. The targeted area will be exposed to the disinfectant solution for an hour. ACS and ventilation systems can be activated post the mentioned time.
  4. The chemical being used is tested to be effective against curbing the spread of Virus


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